It's been a while…

Yeah, so I took a bit of a hiatus to clean up my studio work space and finish up creating the CNC. Complications with regular work life and my personal life took over, but trying to get back on track.

Everything is in process… and a process unto itself.

Multiple projects in the works
I haven’t been slacking… well maybe slacking for posting.

  • New Workbench
    • 48×30 table top
    • Used salvaged wood but noticed that part of the wood used for the top has an oily substance soaked in. It’s covered for now, but needs to be replaced in the long run.
  • CNC
    • Now designed for a 2×2 foot working area.
    • Parts are printed, but the rails still need to be cut to size
    • Table is designed and parts are cut… I need to finish assembly.
    • Planning larger DIY CNC.
  • Storage area for the garage
    • Storage for normal stuff… seasonal decorations, bikes, etc.
    • Storage for tools…
      • French cleat wall
      • Roll around project tool cart with french cleat sides
    • Basic plan in place.
  • New desk for the old computer
    • Old desk is small… kid’s sized. (I’m a bit bigger now) and having multiple monitors is a big table space issue.
    • Need is there, plans needs development.
  • Next artwork
    • It’s in process already, form cut and assembled. Canvas panels being stitched in place.
    • Stand for the next piece designed as well…
  • Leatherwork… Practicing getting my skills up again. It’s been a while.
    • Purse for my wife
    • Journal cover for someone I’m mentoring
    • Backpack for my son
    • Something for my daughter
    • Other products to sell.
  • Other Furniture
    • Designs in process.

Photos to come…

Continuing the pursuit for productivity…

Updates… I have ingredients to make stuff… printing stuff for making a 2×4 foot MPCNC. Fleshing out ideas in Fusion 360… Frame designs, sculptures, and more. Also, need to fix/improve organization in the garage/studio. Photos and progress updates soon…

Quest to improve workflow…

Designed the next two frames in Fusion 360. They’ve had their patterns printed and now I need to buy 1/2 plywood to cut them out with my bandsaw.

Eventually I’m planning on having a CNC where I can have it carve out the frames. This will reduce my construction time considerably and do away with the $10/sheet cost for printing the patterns.