Post Weekend update…

  • New Workbench
    • 1/4 plywood will cover the bench temporarily until I replace the 2x12s
    • Need to cut to size and nail in place with air nailer.
  • CNC
    • Table almost done but it’s not square. Working to fix.
    • Rails still need to be cut to size
    • Assembly of some parts underway.
  • Storage area for the garage
    • Basic plan in place.
    • Need to get rid of unused stuff first.
  • New desk for the old computer
    • Developing plans in Fusion 360
    • Really need a new computer… mine is 15 years old…
  • Next artwork: Working title is “Monument”
    • It’s in process already, form cut and assembled. Canvas panels being stitched in place.
    • Stand for the next piece designed in Fusion 360
  • Leatherwork… Practicing getting my skills up again. It’s been a while.
    • Purse for my wife – Pattern cut, oil-tanned leather bought, glazed goat for liner.
    • Journal cover for someone I’m mentoring – Pattern 80% complete.
    • Backpack for my son – He’s deciding what he wants and wants to help build it.
  • Other stuff
    • Parametric designed trellis for my daughter… once her venue is set and the size of it is determined, I will just need to adjust the height and width… Fusion 360 will do the rest.

Photos to come…

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