Another Project Update…

  • Workbench
    • Done and in use.
  • MPCNC Build – (check for plans)
    • Table done
    • Assembly of sub-parts 95% done.
  • Storage area for the garage
    • Basic plan in place.
    • I’ve discovered I have a bunch of old crap to organize/toss out…
  • New desk for the old computer & work computer
    • Developing plans in Fusion 360
    • Really need a new computer… mine is from the 2004 era…
    • 3 screen monitor stand acquired…
  • Next artwork: Working title is “Monument”
    • It’s in process already, form cut and assembled.
    • Canvas panels being stitched in place. (Slow going because of other projects and C19 issues.
    • Stand designed in Fusion 360.
  • Leatherwork
    • Tote for wife – Complete and being used.
    • Journal cover for 8 x 5.5 in. planner
      • Encountered design issues while cutting leather; fixing before continuing.
    • Purse
      • Design about 80% complete in Fusion 360
      • Leather: 5oz veg-tan
  • Daughter’s Wedding Planning
    • Parametric designed trellis for my daughter… once her venue is set and the size of it is determined, I will just need to adjust the height and width… Fusion 360 should do the rest.

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